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Hello, Welcome to Vibe Fitness! We look forward to a season of perseverance and results. Read to the end to learn about the free gift we have for you and 9 reasons to get fit this fall. What do your long-term goals look like? You may have already put your health on the back burner in preparation for this Holiday Season. Hold onto that thought about the back burner for just a second. First, we want you to think of the ideal version of yourself; what do you see? What words come to mind? How about strong, lean, toned, and built? Most people focus on physical health, not realizing that fitness is equally about emotional and mental health.

The Holiday Seasons pack extra calories and add stress, quickly leading to anxiety and depression. So the real question is, how do we achieve our health goals with the holidays? If you find it more appealing to set your date for January first to avoid the stress of finding the time to work out, you might be surprised to find out that you are working against yourself. What happens between now and the new year? The answer is family gatherings, tons of yummy indulging food, and living on a financial and emotional whim. Now to the back burner, do problems disappear? What happens when we leave a pot on the back burner for too long? Do we forget about it? No! It creates a much bigger problem. You are adding chaos, anxiety, and setbacks. Those ten pounds you want to lose now turn into thirty by January first.

What if we tell you that you could use this season of plenty to your advantage with Vibe Fitness? This means that during the season of enjoyment, the thought of becoming our best self does not have to be a distant dream. Let us be people of action. At Vibe Fitness, we consider our best selves proactive, steadfast, and resilient. We are a place of action. Where working hard is playing hard. We turn something you “have to do” into something you GET to do. We believe that even though a time of indulgence is approaching, there is no better time to work out than when you are consuming more calories. Let’s work together. Work smarter, not harder; let’s make those extra calories work for you.

Join a supportive community that will help make that ‘dreaded task of tomorrow’ the reason you wake up excited to start each day. Let us break down nine reasons you should embark on this journey to the newer version of yourself before the new year.

What’s your Why?: How to use your “Why” to be a person of action.

First, you have to determine your why. What is the most important thing to you? Is it being able to be the best parent to your beloved children as you can be, having better focus at work so you can achieve that pay raise, or is it purely physical? Maybe you struggle with your self-image and know your life will change drastically with a confidence boost. Your ‘why’ should be why you never quit (in or out of season). It should sustain you through all the ups and downs in life. Everyone has a why. If you don’t know yours, it is only because you have not wired your brain to think this way. Here are nine reasons to Fall into Fitness and rewire the way you think about your health.

Reason 1:

Working out gives you more energy and will allow you to enjoy those long holiday weeks. It can give you a longer lifespan too. We gather every year at thanksgiving to be with the ones we love most. Who will be at your table this year, and what about the following year? Do you know who will constantly be with you at your table every year? You. Our health is one of the greatest gifts we can give our family. To know the peace that comes to our family's mind when they know their parents, children, sister, or brother are healthy. We can tailor a workout plan and coach you through nutrition at Vibe Fitness. Without asking you to sacrifice your favorite holiday foods. Ultimately, helping you feel great for yourself and your family.

Reason 2:

Oh, the dread of family holiday photos? Do you avoid your wife when she starts talking about taking family holiday pictures because you’re afraid of how you might look? Or are you a mom hiding behind your kids in photos because you are not proud of your appearance? Hopefully, you don’t have great Aunt Maria, who takes 172 photos, and you cringe knowing she is going upload them from her phone and tag you in them on Facebook for the world to see. You know, the one where you were not posing, hunched over, eating your third helping of mashed potatoes. Vibe Fitness focuses on your problematic areas by incorporating weight lifting and state-of-the-art fitness machines proven to transform your body faster than cardio alone.

Reason 3:

Turn your extra calories into gains and lose inches around stubborn areas. Did you know those extra calories could work to your advantage? Food is not the enemy; it is the fuel you need to energize your body and function correctly. It is the biological mechanism that will burn fat, jumpstart your metabolism, and with our guidance, can give you some excellent gains—giving your body a more vibrant and youthful appearance.

Reason 4:

Mental health and Seasonal Depression are genuine. Did you know exercise has the same effect as anti-depressants without side effects? When summer ends, do you have less energy and want to sleep more? Seasonal depression is also medically referred to as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This is a type of depression that is triggered by the change of seasons and most commonly begins in late fall. However, this particular form of depression is treated by light therapy, having a sense of community to belong to, and a release of happy endorphins. Physical activity is proven to release healthy endorphins naturally. We can guarantee that you will be ready when seasonal depression comes knocking while working out at Vibe Fitness.

Reason 5:

Beat the rush New Year Rush. In January, Gyms all over the country experienced a volume surge of 30% to 50%. We have heard from clients who have quit because it was too crowded. It can be more intimidating for beginners to learn a new skill when more people are around. This makes it more appealing to get a head start in the fall. Figure out your workout flow without the crowd. Our trainers have more open training session time now, which works to the advantage of your busy schedule.

Reason 6:

You look good in your shorts. You might be thinking; that summer is six months away! Did you know that statistics show that most people who start working out in January don’t feel ready for bathing suit season by the time it gets here? Spring begins in March, giving our New Year Resolution setters a few short months to achieve a long-term goal. Take this almost three-month head start to get started on your fitness goals.

Reason 7:

Combat those cold weather aches and pains. Arthritis has been commonly linked to colder weather. The drop in barometric pressure causes muscle and its surrounding tissues to swell. Exercise is vital in increasing flexibility and strength, aiding in combating arthritis and past injury pains. Warm up your body at Vibe Fitness 30mins or more a day and enjoy a pain-free winter.

Reason 8:

The gym is a great indoor activity during the colder months. Thinking about going on a walk until receiving terrible news from Alexa. “Hey, Alexa? What’s the temperature in Loveland, Ohio?” Alexa, “It's 36 degrees with a windchill that feels like 28 degrees. Wait, 28 degrees. Put me back in the box and send me to Florida.” Don’t let the cold weather compromise your ability to do everyday activities. PSA: It gets colder in January.

Reason 9:

We are creating good habits for our children. We know our kids are always watching. They are still watching during the holiday and seeing what is important to you as their parents. What are we teaching by showing them that our health is only essential when it is convenient? Thankfully, Vibe Fitness offers training for young athletes ready to take their dreams and goals to the next level. This teaches adolescents personal responsibility and gives you a break to get your workout in. We show our children that hard work and dedication are necessary if they want something. Sometimes extra hours and work may take place behind the scenes and off the field. If they see you do it, they already know it is possible!

Why wait to join our Fall into Fitness challenge? Sign up for our email list to receive our free gift.

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