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Making Your New Years Resolutions Stick

Listen, we know you made a New Year's resolution to get healthier, exercise more, and become better, and we just happened to make it our Resolution to help you hit yours!

In order to help you in 2023, we decided that if you start a monthly membership with us at Vibe Fitness in January, we will give you $10 off that membership for the first three months!

We can’t wait to welcome you into our positive, inclusive, and fun environment where we can help you walk out your fitness journey.

Everyone is talking about their resolutions right now, and it just feels good to be looking forward to 2023 with so much excitement and optimism. After all, New Year is a natural time to reflect on the things we accomplished, and the things we wished we had accomplished. The good news is New Year is also a natural “line in the sand” where we get to reset our goals and dreams for the next year. Even better, we get to reset our routine to allow us to accomplish those goals.

Don’t worry, if you didn’t make a resolution just yet, you could make one now (we promise not to tell anyone). While you’re thinking about that resolution, listen to these stats:

  • 48% of resolutions made will be to exercise more &

  • 43% of people expect to quit by February.

At Vibe Fitness, we want to be there every step of the way. We’re giving $10 off your membership for the first three months to help you push past your limits, and past the point where most people quit so that by the end of your third month with us, you will have a track record of accomplishing your goals and staying consistent and persistent.

New Year’s Resolutions are hard but they’re so worth it when you stick it out and see lasting change in your life. Most people who fail to achieve their resolution say it came down to one of these issues:

  1. Unrealistic Goals

  2. Lack of Planning

  3. Failure to Establish a Habit/Routine

  4. Lack of Support

At Vibe Fitness, our professionals will help you make sure your goals are realistic, help you to develop a plan to achieve those, and help keep you accountable to creating that new routine or habit, check out our training offers!

Outside of these things though, Vibe Fitness has another major benefit we have towards helping you reach that New Year resolution, it is the community that is built by and around people who are excited about getting better, healthier, and stronger and love to celebrate victories with others! We take a tremendous amount of pride in the fitness community we have fostered at Vibe Fitness.

Whether you’re just getting started, and don’t know much of anything about fitness, or whether you’re a former athlete and just need a great environment to work out in, you will find it at Vibe Fitness in 2023. We can’t wait to see you!

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